Friday, August 17, 2012

Pondy day 3

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Early morning walk and disaster
Morning I got up early and wanted to go for a walk with my camera D40, along the sea shore. Fisher men were fishing. Captured few good shots and while coming back there was a boat was in my way, instead of waiting with some Patience I took route little deep into the sea, there was a big wave came in and I fell down along with my camera. That was the last moment of my camera. I lost it :(
Immediately I took off the battery and kept out in sun for few hours.

After coming back to Bangalore have to Nikon but no use., also gave it to 3 rd party repairer, but still no use :(

Adya first swimming
After break fast, we all decided to jump into water in the swimming pool. I took Adya into water, it was sunny day and just three of us in the pool. Wow couldn't believe our eyes, Adya enjoyed and started swimming reflexes. We all loved the moment

Started from there at about 12 after quick lunch. On the way back home, we visited auroville. Evening snacks at Vellore. Reached home by 11.

Great trip but with a loss of my favourite buddy and lovely gift by my love Sowmya

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