Thursday, July 18, 2013

XBMC project - Post 4 - Installing OpenELEC

Story Board:

What you need
1.  Pi
2. SD card
3. Computer
4. USB drive, optional but recommended for better performance
If you are using Linux based system use following link for instruction
If you are using windows machine to install  follow the instructions in link below
(this method is tested and works fine)
To simplify, I skipped formatting and partition step. I used normal windows format. Just make sure that you select FAT32.I used suggested win32 disk imager to write image file to SD card

Once completed you can boot raspberry pi with SD card. I have tried at this stage. All feature works without any problem with functionality, however screen navigation and add on experience are not that great. A lot of lag. Follow the instruction in below link to move "/storage" partition to USB drive, which boosts the performance drastically.

Follow the instruction mentioned in below link to get the /storage into USB drive. Only deviation I did was to create a bootable GPARTED CD drive and boot from it to move the partition. 

Assuming that you have LAN router, cable, HDMI TV, a USB Keyboard, another computer which is on the same LAN.

1. Install OpenELEC on SD card as explained above. 
2. Format USB Drive - FAT32
3. Insert SD Card, USB Drive both into Raspberry pi
4. Connect USB Keyboard
5. Connect HDMI Cable to TV
6. Connect power adapter to pi and turn it on

Above steps were derived from link below

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Installing wireless adapter

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