Tuesday, July 16, 2013

XBMC project - Post 2 - What you need

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  1. Post 1: http://blog.karthiksunil.com/2013/07/installing-home-media-centre-dyi-xbmc.html

In this post I will try to make a list of things you need to establish full working solution
Goal: To achieve full working xbmc which can be used by even novice, who it's not interested experimenting all these things :), also to stream all your own videos, pictures,  movies and songs from external hard drive wirelessly
1. Raspberry pi circuit: So what is this
Raspberry pi is not edible :). It's a small cute circuit board which gives you the power of full working computer. Following are the Ports/external interfaces available
a. Hdmi output - out goes road monitor, in our case out will be TV
b. 2 USB Ports, almost anything or takes
c. SD card slot, has the bootloader and OS
d. Power slot, you micro USB mobile phone charger is good enough
c. Audio and video out, in case you don't want to use hdmi (in our case these are obsolete)
Cost: I got it for ₹ 2900 plus taxes. I went to JP Nagar in person to buy it, you can visit crazypi.com  or contact Ranganath. Just note that prices are already hiked due to falling rupee value against dollar
2. SD card: you can use an existing one if you already have. Better to user high class one
3. Wireless mini keyboard (optional): This is optional, but very useful and cute enough to not to opt out. Cost ₹1500
4. Wireless adapter: I got d link n300 one for ₹900 again from crazypi.com. Note all wireless adapters are compatible with pi, even tough pi works without this, I strongly recommend to have this, assuming that you have wireless router and have access to internet through it
5. Wireless N router with USB:(Optional)
You need this if you want to stream your own contents from your hard disk wirelessly. This could be an alternative to an expensive NAS. Of course you have certain  draw backs, will  explain in some later posts.
I bought dlink N300 2750u . One of the coolest routers, costed ₹2200 from flipkart. You can have others but make sure that it has USB storage sharing, supports UPnP.
6. Hdmi cable: This is mandatory for media center so better buy it. You get it for around ₹800.
7. Case for pi: There are different case options, I suggest to buy a decent looking one. I bought black case from crazypi.com, it costed aground ₹400.
Total cost of all these gadgets
Pi - ₹ 3100
Wireless adapter - ₹900
hdmi cable - ₹800
SD card - ₹350
Wireless router - ₹2200
Wireless mini keyboard - ₹1500
Case - ₹ 400
Total (including optional devices) ₹9350

My next post will be on choosing OS for your pi

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