Sunday, April 06, 2014

Simply sedan - Post 2 - Prepare to buy

Story line
Post-1: Simply sedan - Post 1 - Research

Once Verna has been selected, next tough job was select its color. White is the one which looks amazing this car, fluidic lines appears so good on white. But for some reason both Sowmya and I dint want to buy white. Somehow white feels taxi. Also many white Vernas on road.
Next best on Verna was black or maroon. Grey was ok.

Finally we decided on maroon, looks nice when polished :).

We saw the car on blue Hyundai Gandhi bazaar branch. We just loved it. It was relatively new color on Verna, rare on road

We love SBI. Other than initial delays and hassles, there are no problems. I told I need only in SBI. It's very transparent and I feel secure.

When we approached, they took more than a week to start processing it. It came to me as boon as interim budget was announced at that time. If not delayed, I would have not got 40k benefit.

Ok all set for delivery on 24 Feb 2014. We liked delivery celebration. There was no issues with blue Hyundai.

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