Saturday, April 19, 2014

Simply Sedan - Post 4 - Engine Running in

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Running in Rules

This is my first experience with diesel engine. I want to maintain it well. Do went through few sites and understood few running in rules. Even though showroom people say no special running in needed few experts suggests to still
After going through few blogs, followhing are the recommendations. And I followed them till 1.5k kms and till first service

  1. Delay engine start
    Start the engine after 10 or 20 seconds of ignition on. Once you on the ignition, oil starts flowing to engine. In few seconds engine is well lubricated and ready to start

  2. Idling engine
    After starting engine. Keep it idle for couple of minutes then Go slow.

  3. Don't rev
    Don't rev the engine during running in period. Don't cross 2.5k rpm. Keep rpm between 1.2 to 2.5k .

  4. Different rpms
    Keep driving in different rpms. Don't fix at the same rpm for long time. This allows engine to be adjusted to all rpms.

  5. Applying brakes
    Don't apply sudden brakes, as much as possible. Let the brake pads ware and tear happen evenly.

  6. Before stopping engine
    Don't switch off engine immediately. Let the engine idle for couple of minutes, before turning engine off

I followed these rules till first service. till 1500 km. Hopefully it has improved the life of my engine

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