Thursday, March 03, 2005

5deg above Mean Temp

According to Bangalore's average high temp for Feb is 29.6. But all the days of the last week has witnessed temp more than the avg. Yesterday it was 34deg celsius. Why ???

I can list some here:

1. Number of trees that have been cut for construction activities is more than 2000 last year.
2. Conversion of green belts to residential sites.
3. Almost ZERO agricultural land inside city
4. Closing of Lakes
5. Too much of traffic. No proper control.
6. High People inflow

Can you list some more ??


sudeep said...

I think you have listed them all....
Tree cutting is very disturbing...
especially the old trees near NCB.

Manjesh said...

I feel, there is a shift in the weather... u must be knowing that there was an early onset of rains, early winter n quite naturally in the same way early summer.

Ofcourse, everything is a result of what we have done to the nature :(

satishds said...

karthik the change is inevietable...i and my father were speaking about this just two days father told me that just 20years back(in our beautiful 80's)people used to have no fans in their homes!!..and even during summer, nights were cold in bangalore!!...i dont know where is bangalore going towards...but certainly there is a point of saturation...i shudder to think what saturation may bring to bangalore or world as a whole