Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Trip to Srirangapattana

We had planned it last month itself. Some how postponed to Mar 20th. We wanted to go somewhere. Place has not been decided till last thursday. One of the folks proposed a place called Gosai Ghat near Sriranga Pattana. It was RSS gang. We call an RSS trip as a Sahal.

All folks came to my place on Saturday night. We had plans to prepare Chapathi and Tomoto Onion Curry ( "Gojju" ) for the next day breakfast. It was a total team effort. Guys had bought provisions for the various menu items. Like Atta, Rice, Vegitables, Milk, Oil, Masala Mix etc etc. Jayram, our cheif chef started by preparing the Chapathi mix. Murali and Soma and Jayram started preparing round shaped chapathi by Kneading the dough, we call this process as "Lattisu" . Jayram and I started Frying. Manohar was busy in cutting the vegitables for curry.. Shivasharan and Shivakumar were assistants for us. We started at around 10:30 PM and finished 50 Chapathis by 1 AM .. Man we have taken so much of time..

Preparing Chapathis Chapathi

We slept turning on our alarms at 4:45AM. Alas!! it did its job very sincerly. We had to get up so early.. All were ready by 6. Gopi and Soma brought the 14 seater Tempo Traveller. We started by 6:30 and reached Srirangapattana at around 10:30 AM. Went to sangama to have breakfast. Our beloved Chapathis.. Sangama is a cool place. River Kaveri and Lokapavani meet there.

From their we started to Gosai Ghat which is around 3 KM from Sangama. What a pleasant place it was. We spent almost the whole day there. Were in water for more than 3 hrs. Then at 12:30 we satrted cooking. Menu was Bisi bele bath (aka. BBB) and Curd Rice. We started from scratch. Again it was Jayram, Venkatesh Ji, Murli and myself were the chefs. BBB and Curd Rice were ready in an hour. This time we were little fast.

Next destination was Nimishamba Temple. Went there by 4. The idol was very very attractive. After we spent some time there we strated back to Bangalore.

Reached Bangalore by 8:30PM..

An old temple in Sangama Sangama
Teppa Ride near Nimishamba TempleDSCN2228
A Temple Gopura at Gosai GhatDSCN2302
Another Beautiful GopuraDSCN2331
Cooking at Gosai GhatDSCN2280
Karthik and Ananth DSCN2279
Farmers working in fields.

Taken from moving Bus.
Sign Board at a junctionDSCN2254
Long way to go with cattleDSCN2258
What a balanceDSCN2237


HarishS said...

lO pHoTosu sAkkathagidheeyo:-)

Vc said...

Lo K, Your pics refreshed my memories ... Hmm sooper..

niki yokota said...

all pix are soooo nice and interesting!! thank u very much(^o^) i think my fav is that rice field. Beautiful...

Karthik said...

Thanks.. a lot ..

Sri said...

Lei kar...thumba chennagide kano ninna padyagalu...cooking, holi, timetable...keep it up!