Sunday, March 13, 2005

All Hands Meet

2 weeks back one of our Managers called for a meeting regaring All Hands Meet.. In our Account called e-Procurement, we have arond 10-12 projects running containing around 80 folks. Getting all of them on one platform for a couple of hours and lightening our work pressure was the theme of All Hands Meet.. It was just an initiatoin.. From there we took everything on our hands.

Sam David was proposed to be as the Chief Architect of the the whole event. Then we formed a 10 membered co-ordinators team. The whole work was distributed in a very beautiful manner.

Team ReceptionLead by Dhanya
Team Games Lead by Justin
Team Music and Entertainment Lead by Srini and Dhanunjay
Team Food CourtKirthikant
Team Stage 1 and Cheif Co-ordinatorLead by Rajesh Gerald
Team of Stage 2 and Team Media ManagementLead by Nagendra
Team of Luck DrawLead by Krishna Kumar (KK)
Team Master of CeremonyShivani and Karthik
Chief Even OrganiserSam David

In total there were around 35 people involved in the execution. It was a total team event. ..

All Co-Ordinators are here

From left Nagi, Dhanunjay, Kirthikanth, Justin, Dhanya, Srini, Shivani, Krishnakumar, Karthik ( Mahu is blocking me ), Sam, Rajesh

It was superb team work and wonderfully executed. I was also the part of Music team. Sang a duet and a group song. Duet was "Aaja sanam madhur Chandini mein hum" from the movie Chori Chori (1956)

and the group song was "Ek tu hi bharosa" from the movie Pukar. Both came out quite well..
From Left Prerana, Praveen, Lavanya (Better known as Lata of IBM), Me, Shivani
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Some of us got an Award called Bravo!! Chithra (Business Area Manager) Reading the names, Rajaram (Her manager) Presenting, Mahu ( my manager) helping them
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There was a Game called "When in Rome Dress Like Romans" Here are the output of the game
From left name forgot, Praveen, Funny, Rahul
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Shivani and I were Masters of Ceremony Executed pretty well
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At last shot a Group Photo .. ( Thanks to office boy for clicking this shot so well )
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Vc said...

Pics Pics ..

"Ek tu hi bharosa" super song kano .


satishds said...

songs are gud maga...but aadare why very old and senti song during that occasion..any reasons

Manjesh said...

awesome!!!! too much ide guruve... Kannada Kasturi RJ performing live @ IBM.. LOL.

oLLe experience...keep it up.

satishds said...

enamma thumba smart aagi kanistha idiya photo nalli...maja maadu

manami said...

Nice shots...I believe best performances, too? You looked great being an MC...(^_^)

Karthik said...

Thanks all

niki yokota said...

nice pix MC, thank u!! that girl looks like monica lewinsky(^o^)

Shashi said...

Lei Kar... sakat smart aagideeya kaNo. Enjoy maaDu

Sri said...

Nice to see different things posted about office - rather than a crib session! Keep going...