Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hurreyyy now I own a "Car"

Another update from myside is I bought a car ..
It was very tough to select a model, color etc.. for the whole month of Nov.. Everything came to an End when my cousin Kishore bought a Santro Xing.. He had come to our place to show the car. After I drove it, I had almost decided that I sould go for it.. I was amazing to drive. He had bought Real Earth Color.. I went and booked the same model in 2 days.. Sowmya was interested too much in Scarlet red color. I had a concern that maintanance of the color would be tough. But atlast I had to go by he words.. (No wonder huh! )

But no regrets ... Its too good color and car is really good... Take a look at it ..



Prashanth M said...

Wow!! congrats Karthik... Treat yaavaaga ?? and when are you taking me on a long drive ?? ^o^

HarishS said...

Congrats kano. Treat yaavaga???

Manjesh said...

hosa car purchase maaDiddakke congrats dude!!!
nanna friend saha same car(but different color) tagonDidaane... car tumba chennagide anta heLtidda.

satishds said...

car hengide guru?...stereo system ella hengide...leey i see from the photo that u have not put the wheel caps ?!!!...haksoo thumba chennagi kanisutte...MS na bekaadre kelu

Karthik said...

ellrigoo thanksssssss....

BTW naan hELOdu martidde.. satish is the person who took me to the good place where I loaded my car with car sterio, seat covers, Auotcop, etc etc ..

He insisted me to put Wheel caps.. as well.. I have nt yet put it ..


haakusteeni .. taDko ..

Prashanth M said...

Reminds me of the ad --

hosa mane, hosa kaaru, hosa heMDati... hmmm adhbhuta.. :D

(No offence meant)

Prasad said...

heyyy... congrats on ur new Car :)

Kishan said...

Congrats Ma!

niki yokota said...

is this indian car??
wat a cute shape and nice color u chose!!