Monday, December 26, 2005

Kodai Trip

So Many trips have not been blogged... I will do one by one..

We had tripped to Kodaikanal 2 moths back.. Hmmm.. to be accurate we started on 3rd Nov and were back on 5th Nov.. It was amazing trip

Sowmya and me along with her parents, brother and her cute little doggy tuffy.. ( Click here to see tuffy)

I was amazing trip, we had hired a Tata Safari.. Initially we had booked a Scarpio but just 30 min before our scheduled start time the owner told he can rent out the vehicle. Shucks...
But good thing is he arranged another vehicle for us. Good for us.. We started by 9:30 and reached Palani by evening 6PM. After a nice darshan of Lord Subramanya (Muruga) we reached Hotel at late night.

Here are some snaps...

Way upto Palani Temple using winch

View Croaker's Walk

Me her and Tuffy

Look at the fog

Bicycle ride with two seat .. amazing it was ..


Boat ride in the morning ... (Did u observe the fog... woooo ... it was chilling )

Some time pass at the park .. Shot this in the park... Calling for Partner ?



satishds said...

super photos personal opinion is kodaikanal is one of the most beautiful places in the world. u shud explore it by urself should not take a travels thogondre he will show u the same old boring coakers walk,kodai lake.etc,

Sri said...

Fantastic photos maga...enjoy maadi! Life's Good (LG) :-)

Karthik said...

Ade mistake aagiddu le.. we dint explore much ..