Monday, December 26, 2005

Srirangapattana - Tula Snana Trip

Another trip which Sowmya, Amma (mother) and I went was to Srirangapattana , Pashchima Vahini ..

This one was a kind of piligrim trip.. According to Solar Calendar a month Starting from Oct 15th to Nov 15th (approx) is called Tula Masa (A month called Tula).
In this month taking bath in Rivers is considered to be auspicious.

It all was unplanned. Actually when we got an invitation from Sri Na. Krishnappa, an eminent RSS Pracharak for this event. Sri Na. Krishnappa's elder brother condcuts an event every year for newly wed couples. So we planned to go and take mom also ..

I had taken Jukka's car and drove myself. It's around 120 KM from Bangalore.. It was great drive.. I had never driven car such a long distance in India.. ( I have driven in US )

Here are some snaps..

Mom and Sow


The Venue

Ganga Pooja by all women


Manjesh said...

wow... photos tumba chennagide!

u must be kiddin' me... 120 kms ashte na iduvaregu longest drive maaDirOdu? innu improve maaDkobeku guru... next week hassan atva madikeri kaDe ondu trip haaku :)

Sri said...

Santhosha aagtha ide...bari office kelsa antha bittu ooru suttuta idiya...nice to see folks enjoying life!

Karthik said...

hoo trip hoDeebEku..
eega car bere tagonDideenall :)

Hoo Kano.. maja maaDing