Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Trip to Anantpur - Rayadurg :: Sri's Engagement

My close friend Sridhar Machani, got engaged on the 60th Indian independence day :).

He describes that as his In(Dependence) with his would-be.. hahaha.
As usual, I am blogging this little late :).

Whatever, we all enjoyed the trip, as it was arranged in Bride's native Rayadurg. The crowd of friends were more compared to his relatives. We all travelled together from Bangalore to Rayadurg and back to Bangalore. We started on 14th Aug, 07 night and were back on 16th Aug, morning. Good thing was even Sowmya had joined the trip and even she enjoyed a lot.

The place was very peaceful but very hot. Some pics:

Train journey was really awesome. Sridhar had done great job in putting "like minded" people together.. Thanks Buddy

On the way, scenic beauty was really great!

Ah! What a welcome by bride.. We all enjoyed it

Oh it was very hot, needed some drink badly..

Look at the pair. No No.. Not reception.. it was just engagement... :))

Can you believe it was just engagement, not marriage reception ??
From left to right:
Shashi, Sudhir, Mahendra, Jayprasad, Siddhu, Sridhar, Shailaja, Sowmya , Karthik, Kashi, Naveen

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satishds said...

ananthpur estu hot ide antha idea ide maga

Sri said...

I can't thank enough to all of you who came and made it easily one of the most joyful events for us. I'll be very happy if I can try and replicate even 50% of this during my wedding on 5th Dec 2007.