Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interiors - Build and make - Part 7


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I am back with next part of build and make series. Its about interiors.

The idea: It's always better to think about the interiors very early in the game. May be during civil design itself. Atleast an idea of what you would like to do later. That helps a lot in making arrangements during each stage. Like keeping an opening during wall construction, providing an electrical or water point, paneling etc. I know it is not so easy to think about finishing during early stages. You would have multiple other things to worry. But still if you can spend some time to make an idea it would help later and avoid breaking walls :)

The concepts: Once you have some idea in your mind try to conceptualize. May be you try to visualize on a particular position or wall. May be you have make some provision for electrical socket, water outlet or may be you need wall hole or inner finishing for some art work. Advantage of conceptualizing early is that you can any provision during civil work itself. You have workers available for doing things. You can think about pros and cons very early. And over all above you reducing a lot of rework later for interiors and hence saving a lot of money.
Karthik Sunil

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