Monday, April 28, 2014

Home Automation Raspberry pi - Synopsis - Post 1

I'm all set for my 3rd raspberry pi project. POC for home automation.

Requirement: When we are outside house and could not reach by evening, my wife keeps feeling bad that she hasn't switched light on.

Idea: Use RPI GPIO pin to trigger the switch on or off. Control RPI settings from my WordPress database.

Hardware needed: Relay board which can take GPIO input directly. RPI of course. Wiring from circuitry to device to switch on/off

Software: Python program to set a GPIO pin as output. High or low value can be fetched from my WordPress site using pycurl. The values in WordPress table can also be set using pycurl

I'll keep you guys updated with this new series

#raspberrypi #home-automation


Phaneendra Kiledar said...

Interesting... How are you planning to integrate ftp protocol to access rpi from a remote place ?

Karthik C S said...

It would be pull from rpi, using normal html protocol. Rpi will be polling every x min to read values from site. I use pycurl for reading html response.