Thursday, August 05, 2004

Delicacy of Pronunciation

Indian languages are very unique in nature. Pronunciation is one of the key features of them.

I remember one of the Samskrita Shloka regarding the pronunciation of words..

व्याघ्री यथा हरॆत् पुंसान् दंष्ट्राभाम् न च पीडयॆत् ।
भीता पतन भॆदाभायाम् तद्वद्वर्णान् प्रयॊजयॆत् ॥

Meaning: Cat carees kittens by jaws. It should make sure of two things.
  1. that kitty is not hurt by its sharp jaws
  2. that it tightly grips kitty under her jaws so that kitty does not fall down

Author of this verse conveys that even pronunciation of words/letters should be taken care with such delicacy ..

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