Monday, August 23, 2004

Driving on Freeway

It was an Unforgettable experience for me to drive for the forst time on US roads. Had been travelled to Dover, New Jersey from my place. It was around 150 mi.

All started when Kannada Audio members decided to meet at Oak Tree Rd, Edison for a Kannada movie called Poorva Para. I decided to hire a car this time, eventhough not driven much here in US. Was quite excited about it. It was a kind of Adventure for me. Here goes my list of preparations:

1. Went to DMV and took drivers manual and read all 12 chapters
2. Called Herts and booked the car
3. MapQuested all the routes and all possible permutation and combinations of return journey. I had plans to goto Phili also.
4. Called all the folks telling my arriving time and my schedule.
5. Took all friends' contact info.
6. Took my laptop, camera and some clothes.......

I was excited when I collected the keys from front desk and I drove a round to acquainted with it. Started from Endicott by 4:30PM towards Dover. When I reached first freeway I80 south I was actually horrified to see the speeds. I was driving at 50.. suddenly I could feel the speed.. everyone was forcing on freeway like anything. For about 5 min I was tensed.. But once I was into it, it was cool. I drove at around 65-70 mph. Its around 100-120 KMPH. Never had drven with such speeds. I could not feel anything. It was very normal. I reached Dover at 7:15PM without any problem..


Anonymous said...

Hey Karthik,
This is Raymond..Good to find u on blogger..Have a nice time driving!!

Karthik said...

Thanks Ray