Monday, August 16, 2004

Happy?? Independence Day

Supposed to me celebrated with great feel of satisfaction, but are we really done with the fight? Yes, politically we are free from invaders like Greeks, Moghals, French, Dutch and English but are we culturally, financially independent ? I dont feel so.

I can not see that ray of Cultural independence in Bhaarat. Still have that strong feel of inferiority complex. Still have that feeling that anything coming from outside is good and we don't have capacity to produce one. Is this because of Lack of confidence? May be ..

Midnight Aug 14, 1947, Bhaarat became independent. But can not forget the fact that we a new and cruel enemy got created on that particular day. How can anyone be so happy on a particular day on which he lost very important piece his belonging. This is an sadest irony for Bhaarat.

Let us hope we get Cultural and Financial independence in very short time period..

Vande Mataram..


Vallabhi said...

Yeah, what u sayin' is right, India is yet to get that confidence in her, she's still on the way to get the title as a "developed country".

Back home, I'Day was celebrated this way-TV shows telecasted interviews of great leaders, songs from old patriotic movies, FM played 'Vande Mataram' round the clock, etc etc. We, Indian of this age, have no idea how much pain our freedom fighters have gone thru to attain the status "Independent Country" for India. I'Day is considered just another National Holiday, what else! The word "patriotism" have lost its meaning.It comes only when we watch India Vs Pakisthan match.

Karthik said...

Rightly said Vallabhi.. I strongly feel the way we celebrate I'Day should be changed atleast by individuals not at the national level as of now.. Just by sitting at home with bowl of popcorn and watching the movie 'Mahatma Gandhi' doesnt serve the purpose. I guess we need to go out on that day and render some service to Poor and Uneducated..

Just going to a slum on that day and telling about so called great leader also wont the problem. They dont want it. They want basic needs like reading, writing and some confidence in them. I think we have to make groups.. visit them on turn basis.. Teach them a, aa, i ee, ABCD .. push in some confidene.. Help them to get rid of Drinking .. Arrange medical camps.. Clean their calony.. I think this is some called celebration..