Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Peer to Peer Network

I wanted to transfer some 20 GB of data from my laptop to PC at home.. I wanted to take the back-up since long time .. This one really got catalytic acceleration when Chandra's laptop got crashed last week. I just dint hvae any alternatives other than loosing all my precious data.

I knew that peer to peer networking is possible by using cross over n/w cable. I googles about it and found more info about it. This link really helped me

I went to SP road and bought the 2 mtr cross over network cable for 45/- RS and with Sowmya's help I could configure peer to peer network.. Amazing.. I was really happy.. I could around 10 GB yesterday.. Today I will copy the rest..


Narendra said...

There is some application called "Fast Copy".
That will speedup the things (while copying).
I don't know if it helps you.
Again you will have to "google" to find the download site....:-)


Manjesh said...

houdu.... LAN cable use maaDi data transfer maDbahudu.
But now u can easily get hold of a 4Gig USB thumb drives. ondu 3-4sarti copy maDbittre aagoitu ;)
Or how about this... ninna hattira apple iPod iddre adralli copy maDkondu data transfer maDbahudu.

Shashi said...

I too use P2P to connect my laptop to PC using C/W cable... It is quite fast too...

Vc said...

enappa K .. long time no visit ..:)

Karthik said...

@VC --> hoonappa.. was lil busy at home, work everywhere..

So howz Aish?