Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rains in Bangalore

I have never seen such a pathetic state of Bangalore in recent past. Rains have ruined my sweet Bangalore. Roads have become streams ways.. Offices have become lakes. There is no distinction between pothole and a manhole and normal road. Its dangerous to walk on road, ride on road and even to drive on roads.

Yester years Karnataka suffered from drought and now its floods. Sunday we had been to Vegitable Market. To my astonishment all vegitable rates have reached sky. Can you imagine beens to reach 40/- and Onion almost 30/- .. They say vegitables have been rotten because of heavy rains. They anticipate more hikes. Last month petrol rate was hiked and now its vegitables turn.. When comes my salary'e turn .. I am bothered ..

Kids have great plans to celebrate Deepavali with great crackers and lovely lamps.. Seems they all would be disappointed. Rains are expected till december, according to some article in news paper. Many dams are flooding and people near dam are dying. Dam gates are getting damaged. I was wondering, man is having nothing in his hand. Just a week of rains kill the whole civilization..

Among all the bad news.. we have got a sweet news that India have beaten Srilank in the Cricket match with a huge gap .. Congrtas guys.. keep it up ..!!


satishds said...

bangalore is big mess maga. it has reached its potential i feel.but there is a interesting fact regarding the areas flooded ( i.e bommanahalli etc) these areas were lakes many years ago before they were dried out and used as residential layouts !!!
long time i have not seen u in my blog?

Prashanth M said...

This month's rain has broken 130 yrs old record of highest rain fall in B'lore (source - prajAvANi)...

And nammoor kere (kuNIgal kere) its almost full -- gonna overflow in another week's time :)