Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bombe habba..

Bombe habba..
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Dassera, a.k.a Navaraatri is celebrated across India in different way. Kolkatta and rest of Bengal is famous for Durga pooja. Whole state does not work for entire 9-10 days. Software companies not aparted.

In Mysore its a grand feast. Lots of programs are arranged during Navaratri. The last day procession which is famous as Dussera Procession of Mysore is world famous. Mysore Urs (kings) had this great custom built and our State Govt is following the same.

In most part of Karnataka and some part of Tamilnadu we celebrate Dussera as Bombe habba. Bombe means Dolls. Habba means festival. So it can be translated as Festival of dolls. Each and every house is decorated and dolls of differnt kinds which tell of many tales of Hindu Mythology. Most of these dolls will be in sets. Like Rama-seeta-Lakshman-Hanuman, Dashavatara, Set of dolls which tell customs of Marriage, Some fancy dolls etc..

This is our first Navaratri for me after marriage. We bought some new dolls and you can see them all :)


satishds said...

superb arrangement !!!..i also used to do all these in my childhood but now interest has faded

niki yokota said...

wat a beautiful altar!!!! never seen such colorful indian dolls...(*^o^*) thank u very much!!

Archana said...

We celebrate Dasara but dont arrange dolls.... :(
And Mysore colourful....would love to get my camera around it sometime :)