Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Mallige Moggu

Mallige Moggu
Originally uploaded by Karthik C S.
We had been to Hosur last week. I took this shot there ...

Howz this ?


satishds said...

maga when you're concentrating on any object , background is very important..it can make or spoil a photograph.
in this photograph the main mistake is there are two white patches in the background. the big white patch on the left side is of same colour of bud ( i.e white)

I will share with you a basic tip in photography which i got from my gurus anand sharan ( fashion photographer) and perumal ( wild life photographer) :
" never keep your object of Desire in the middle ( except in the case of potrait photography)"...just try it out and see.

Karthik said...

Maga.. I noted down.. U are tellnig about not keeping object of intereset at the middle for second time..

I will try !


Manjesh said...

heee.... Hosur... sakkat visya... enu pataki tharodikke hogidya? nammammana ooru hosurige tumba hattira.

Hosur mallige chennagide ;)

niki yokota said...

beautifuuul!! never seen these flowers before. thank u~(*^o^*)