Friday, August 15, 2008

NHS Trip - Madikeri

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Trip to Madikeri was planned sometime in 1997-98. We were in 1st year Engineering, I think (Guys, please correct me if I am wrong).  Plan was to visit Madikeri, Bhagamandala, Tala Kaveri - Birth Place of River Kaveri, Abbey falls, Kushalanagar and back home. You can also read my recent story on Madikeri trip. I am trying to recollect all the fact in this story. I barely remember.

We were very fond of train journey and hence took train from Bangalore to Mysore and from there we went to Madikeri by Bus. We rented a dormitory and all of us stayed in one room.

The group was Srinand, Sudhindra, Myself, Naga, MS, Harisha and Gopi. (Left to right in the pic below)

We visited Raja Seat and enjoyed the evening. I still remember the late evening, it was raining cats and dogs and there was no power and I had brought candle and matches as per my father's suggestions which helped a lot to kill the evening. The rain was really deadly and we had never witnessed such rains in Bangalore.

Raja Seat:

Why Naga is staring MS like that???



See the "iStyle"

Abbey Falls:

Next Morning we started and visited Abbey falls. Enjoyed a lot. Now, getting down to the falls is prohibited as it is very dangerous. But at that time, we could get into water.. Naga was very afraid of water and never touched the water..

I am really surprised to see Srinand getting wet in water..




Chaddi.. Whats happening man ??


Abba! Look at the faces..

Bhagamandala - Talakaveri:

We also visited Bhagamandala, Talakaveri. Some snaps..

Bhagandeshwara Temple at Bhagamandala


Tala Kaveri.

Nisarga Dhama:

While returning back to Bangalore, we visited Nisarga Dhama near Kushalanagar.



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