Saturday, August 02, 2008

Review: Deception Point by Dan Brown

I was not a great reader. I had never finished any books completely. I don't remember what triggered me, I started reading this book with lot of dedication. I used to easily lose all the interest by the time I had finished half - that was my previous experiences. But now I have finished this book by Dan Brown, Deception Point. I am so happy that I am writing a review on this book.

Book is a scientific thriller. Dan Brown's other famous works are The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and Digital Fortress.

Book keeps you interested till the time the suspense of - The "controller" is revealed. Its a very good mixture of politics, scientific facts and very adventurous. The tweaks and turns are very good. But I think final part of the book is little boring. You feel frustrated towards end.


My next read is Winning, by Jack Welch - as per Sri's Recommendation


Sri said...

Welcome to the world of Reading!

If you run out of recommendations, just ping me :-)

satishds said...

appi thappi kooda dont read digital fortress. Thumba worst book.