Thursday, August 19, 2010

Build and make - Part 9 - Go Green

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It is very important from aesthetic, social, health and financial perspective to go green while you are making your new home.

Let's see what are the things that you can do to be eco friendly.

Solar water heater and solar cells: Go hot water is a must for any home. Bescom has any way made it mandatory to install solar water heater before they can grant you power connection. You can think and provide connections from solar so that you can use it easily. While installing the same, you can also go for solar cells that can charge your batteries and can be used for your lights and fans. It really reduces your monthly cost with some one time investment. It is definitely value for money. I think after started using solar I think I am easily saving about RS 300 pm.

Rain water harvesting: There are 2 ways to make it happen. One, is to let the mother earth absorb as much rain water as possible. Way to do is to have a pit where big stones, small stones and other filtering objects are put and collate all the rain from your roof and directed to the pit. This will increase the water bed. If you have a bore-well, it will definitely help you

Two, is to have a water tank/ sump to collect the roof water for re-use. You get a lot of good filters which can be installed and move the roof water to the tank for re-use.

I have gone to the second option and re-using rain water for my garden/ car washing etc. There are some high end filters which will enable the water for drinking purpose as well.

Provide space for Garden: It is important to have a small garden within your compound. It gives a lot of energy with you see green in your house. You can grow simple flowering plants, fruit plants etc. It becomes a great weekend activity and good exercise as well.

Indoor garden, Roof top gardens are also great options.

Use Natural Light and Ventilation : Use Sky lights in your roof which will reduce lot of power usage in day time. I have implemented sky light in Living, Pooja and a corner of Bath as well. Sky lights not only give commercial value, also they add great aesthetics to the interiors. Light and Shadow makes it more beautiful.

Use bigger windows and vents at the top levels for hot air exits. This will enable natural ventilation. Also use cross ventilation concepts so that air circulates in correct directions. This will reduce usage of fans and also feels very natural.

Use Clay and Stone Material: Use hallow clay blocks instead of bricks. Preparation of clay block does not use fire burning, they are dried in sun light. They require less cement and no paint on them. As they are hallow, they act as heat and sound proof. :)

Use clay tiles for flooring or may be you can use granite as well. Instead of vitrified. Preparation of Vitrified is not eco-friendly. Advantage of clay tiles are: They absorb water fallen on them and provides great grip while stepping on them. And slowly evaporates the absorbed water. Vitrified will only make it slippery.

Stone is great material for walls. Very less maintenance cost. It looks great. Great aesthetic appearance and very natural.

Use roof clay tiles, which gives nice terracotta look to the ceiling and as well as helps to reduce the concrete thickness. It also acts as heat resistant during summer.

Lessen steel usage: As much as possible avoid, beams and pillars. Go for foundation construction.

Lessen cement usage as much as possible: No need to put all round concrete along the watts. Leave it with mud. You can then use some path way using natural stones.

Try to go for different designs of compound which uses less cement and concrete, you can simply erect stones as compound. Think out of box.

Instead of cementing entire car porch, think of going for stone or lawn. It looks beautiful

Try to GO GREEN while making your new HOME

Karthik C Sunil


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