Friday, August 05, 2005

Abstract Accepted for IBM Sharenet


Every year IBM Conducts Sharenet for all the Competencies. This time SAP Sharenet is scheduled on 25th Aug. Center of Competency had called for abstracts last month. I had submitted mine too.. There were about 130 submission. 8 were selected out of them. I am proud to say that mine was one of the selected abstract. It was on EBP Shopping cart approval. If you remember I had submitted an ICM on this also .. More details on this would be posted in my tech blog

Now I have to work on this and prepare a presentation and submit by 10th Aug. The venue of the event --> ITC Hotel Windsor Sheraton & Towers :-) All big shots and tech guru would be there n that seminar.. I need to prepare very well .. It will be 40 min session from me.. 30 presentation and 10 min Q&A.. Wish me guys ..


Manjesh said...

Hey ultimate news kaNo!!! *claps* gud luck!!! enappa Engagement aadmele chamak chamak news.gaLanna koDtideeya... en samachara :D

ninage innondu vishya gotta... Seema mattu neenu ondu haaDu record maDidrallva, adanna namma kaLsidde, adanna kELi aa haaDanna modify maaDi haaDiddare, ninage email moolaka kaListeeni. haagE innu chamak chamak songs bareyabekaagi vinanti(free time iddAga) :)

Kishan said...

Super karthik! *bayalli beraLu itkond whistil hodiying*

Manji, nanna voice recording kalsthini Kano, Iga Record Madthini...aadhre ondh condition...
aa condition enu antha mail nalli helthini...:D

anoojna said...

karthik congrats and best of luck
innu hecchina saadhane maaDu :D

Karthik said...

ellarigoo thanks ..

Shashi said...

All the best Kar

enigma said...

Hey.. too good! Congrats!
I dont quite understand this Hi-Fi techy stuff.. but surely know its a big thing for you..
I am late in wishing you.. coz today is 10th Aug.. but 'All the Best'.. write back as to how it went by!

niki yokota said...

wooow! u are in the top 8 of 130 submission?? wat a genius(*o*)
congratulations karthik-san!!!!!!