Monday, August 01, 2005

Sad photos of Sharada Peeth in Pak occupied Kashmir

pictures have been uploaded by setlurbadri these
pictures in his yahoo folder, just click the link and
transport yourself to the era where Samskrit ruled
Pravarapurva (the current day Srinagar) and when the
entire culture was destroyed by the suvar ke bachche.
Peace,Tranquility, Creativity and Knowledge deserted
Kashmir with the destruction of this revered seat of
knowledge by the stupid sultan.


Prathibimba said...

bahaLa bejaaraythu noDi ...
Sri Shankara Bhagavatpaadara naalku 'aamnaya' peeThagaLalli idoo ondirabahuda ? Athava ade bere ideya ?

satishds said...

hi maga karthik, I got same doubt as pradeep? u know the answer for that?
and who is this suvar sultan maga..actually we r wrong to call only that sultan suvar..all indians who call hindus fundamentalists and muslims minorities are suvar ka baches.

Anonymous said...

4 aamnaya peethadalli Kashimr Sharada is not there. This was the place where Shankaracharya got the Sarvajna Peetha padavi.

4 aamnaya peetha -Sringeri, Puri, Dwaraka,Badari

Shipra said...

When did u visit the sharda temple?
I would really like to know more.
please reply..if you have more infiormation.
I am historic building architect, currently working in UK, but am from jammu India and would love to do something about the temple.