Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Khara UppiTTu with Bisi coffee

Most of us have our own favourite tastes .. These favourite tastes are dynamic also .. ie They are weathe dependent. Tpday its very cool in bangalore.. I am feeling like eating Khara uppiTTu with Hot coffee .. I was thinking deep on dynamicity of the favourite tastes.. Let me list them

Favourite FoodWith ....Weather ConditionLocationPartner
UppiTTu (Upma)With Hot CoffeeChilled Weather without RainsAnywhere ... Friends
ELneer (Tender Coconut)-Hot SunIn Highways Under TreesFriends
Bajji Bonda, KodbaLe, ChakliCoffeeMane (Home Sweet Home)Heavy Rains OutsideWife, Mom and Rest of Family Watching Kannada Movie
Baby corn ManchurianTomoto SouceGokulsNormal Cool EveningWife

More to come .. Why dont u update ur taste ..


Kishan said...

Nanna Favourite OOta ThindigaLu

Anytime, With Anyone
1. Soppina HuLi,
2. Pulav

With Friends,During Sunday Strolls
3. Chur Muri, PaniPuri
4. Mensinkaayi Bhajji's (while raining)

With Wife (hopefully soon :D)
5. Snowy Mountains, Dressed Completely with Long Coats, Gloves, sipping hot Asssam Tea
6.saturday noon, Watching a romantic movie, Palya Bun from "Shastri bakery"

With Family (from Ajji to Uncles, to aunties, to cousins to nieces and nephew), sittin together in the living room,
7.Sipping mast cofee and Congress Kadale Kai Bija, Wow!
8.Lunch in Poornaprajna Vidyapeeta, My god it Rocks!

9.An hour past MidNight, 1:10 AM, I wake up suddenly,...tiptoe to the kitchen, open the bolts, enter the adigemane, climb the chair, get the dabba with full of goodies like, benne biscuit, Khara Bun, etc.. eat...get back to the bed stealthily and sleep...

Karthik said...

hahahah suuper kaNo le..

oLLe maja maaDteeya neenu ..

Manjesh said...

naanu heLbekanta idda ella items eegAgle neevu heLbiTTideera :( aadru innondereDu :)

Food: Chocolate IceCream
With: nothing else
Weather Condition: Light snow outside in the evening @ Icecream Parlour
Partner: hehe.. inyaaru GF jote :)

Food: Filter Coffee
With: bombay mixture (hot mix) (+ some hot gossip ;) )
Weather Condition: Evening time with cool breeze on top of the terrace
Partner: amma n akka

Karthik said...

Manji .. Great sense of taste kanO