Thursday, August 18, 2005

Independence Day

On Aug 15th, I was wathcing a TV program. Some one was singing a so called Patriotic song.. One of the lines says:

"Bharatiye ninna janma dinadandu ninage namisuvevu ..." something of that sort... Meaning we bow to you on your "birth day"

I was actually astonished to listent to this line... How can Aug 15ht be celebrated as Bharat's Birth day ?? Its disgrace for all of us. We have not understood the meaning of our independence day but everyone takes the day off and enjoy their life... I felt really bad..

How can anybody determine Birthday of Bharat ? Its there since the time of Rishis and Munis .. we have got the proof also.. Alas our so called poets dont know this simple matter.

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Anonymous said...

Probably it was written for Pakistan.