Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thinking Wild

Thinking Wild
Originally uploaded by Karthik1.
I took this shot last sept .. I was turning very wild and mad becos of

lonelyness.. Guess whats this ??

(See attached file: DSCN0991.JPG)


Kishan said...

chu! Chu! Chu! very is Soum??? Ashada Maasa agoythalla????

Anyways regarding your photo,
My guess is its a
2 Big Zipper Legged , 12 Small legged, specie of the family phyllum cd_oLage_poda which, during summer, opens its zip (by a process known as Zip_openno_phosis) and takes in food (CD), when a homo-sapien of mammalian family decides to feed it, Its life period mostly depends on the homo-sapien around it.

for more information...mail me...

HarishS said...

Nice Photo Kano.

enigma said...

indeed wild imagination..but a good snap here :)

Karthik said...

@Kishan: maga.. kudos to ur comment..