Thursday, July 31, 2008

NHS Trip - Pearl Valley

Story Continued from NHS Off-Academic Trips

I am really happy that I am writing this post. The photos I am going to attach here are as old as 13 Years. It was when we were all in High School. We used to trip a lot in bi-cycles. One of the adventurous trips was Trip to Pearl Valley, a.k.a "Mutyala Madu". As the name suggests, the falls here is very small and looks like fall of pearls. It is situated near Anekal. From Bangalore it is around 42 KM. We had packed food and carried food boxes as well with us. Each one of us had prepared an item. I still remember I had packed Curd Rice for all 8 of us.

Riders From left to right: Myself, Dhruvakumara (no alias), Anil M S (alias emme), Harisha (alias HG), Late. Nagaraja (alias Naga), Sri Chanda (chaddi's younger bro, alias chanda), Kiran Karanth (alias KK), Srinanda (alias Chaddi),


Guys, see those faces, they are all so funny. The attire the style, Wah! See my shoes, Emme's shorts, Harisha's cap, Naga's open-button shirt.





The route we took was Dairy Circle - Bannerghatta road - Meenakshi Temple - Bannerghatta National Park - Jigani - Anekal - Pear Valley

On the way we visited very famous Meenakshi temple. This photo was taken inside temple premises. See Naga's pose!!





Myself, Dhruva and emme. What a pose..











This is mutyala Madu, Pear Valley. Not so much of water. But enjoyed the trip









As usual emme did not wet himself. It was a great fun. Yeh.. Chaddi did not even touch water. hehe









Myself, MS, Chaddi









By the time we reached home was around 6:30 PM. My house was in Lakkasandra, very near to Bannergatta Road. We all assembled back there. This was the last shot. You can see my niece and nephews also. 

Harisha is carrying Yashu, You can see Shilpa sitting between me and KK, Gowri is sitting on my lap. :-)





Story Board:

Pearl Valley -> Yercuad -> Chunchi Falls ->  Sangama - Mekedatu


Anil Kumar said...

Great Work Kar.. aaglindanoo naan thumba stylish alva??..

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Super guru... nice photos...

Dhruva kano stylish...


Karthik said...

Thanks kanro. Nan prakara naga super stylish..