Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chilligeri Estate

Story continued from Trip to Nagarahole - Coorg -> Drive into Nagarahole

The Estate:

After adventurous drive into Jungle, we exited Nagarahole, and after few minutes drive we entered the village called Kutta. From here, we need to take some deviation towards Manchally Village. People here talk Kannada, Kodava and also Malayalam. The drive from Kutta to Chilligeri is only 2 KM but very scenic. The road from Kutta goes towards Srimangala and after around 2 KM you get a small diversion towards Manchally Village. The scenic beauty doubles after entering this road. You have farms on both sides of road and this leads to The Jade and as well as Chilligeri.

The Chilligeri estate is good, not that great. They have a very old house, as old as 100 years. Owner Somaiah and family stay there. His wife, Banu runs the entire show. She welcomed us with Amazing Coorg coffee and showed us our room which was inside her house. We felt very uneasy to stay in someone else's house. And then I walked around the entire estate and realized that there is another out house with 4 rooms. I asked her whether we can get one there. She agreed and we moved into one of the rooms there.

The Flora:

Estate contains lot of vegetation on Coffee, Banyan, beetle leaf, jack fruit, Moosambi, Sapota , spices. It was raining almost all the time we stayed there. Initial plan was to stay 2 days and roam around a lot. Also visit, nagarahole safari, Wayanad Forest Safari, Kuruva island, Tiruneeli Temple etc. Heavy rains ruined our plan and we decided to check out the next morning. The lady gave us some trouble by asking 2 days' rent and leave, but then she agreed after realizing we can not do much in the heavy rains.

We went to Irpu falls in the afternoon and enjoyed a lot. I will write another post for Irpu falls.

The Food:

The food provided was good enough. May be  meat eaters would have enjoyed more by having Coorg-famous pork. We also enjoyed rice, rasam, sambar, curry and pappad. Enjoyed a lot the next morning during break fast. She had prepared a kind of Roti, she called it as Rotti-Akki. Learnt the recipe of the same and checked out in the morning.

The Video:


Story Board:

Drive into Nagarahole -> Chilligeri Estate ->Irpu Falls -> Waynad (Kuruva, Tirunelli) -> Talakaveri -> Madikeri/Kushalanagar


ShILpZ... said...

felt as if i ws thr..:)videoz gud..nn misisn tat rain n nature..here evrythn is soo beau n ready made n artificial..:( nothin like in INDIA!! :(

Karthik said...

@Shilpz: ene you becoming home sicka ? enjoy whats there and when you are here enjoy whats here.. ashte. Simple.

by the way, thanks for commenting

D said...

actually we had stayed in chilligeri estate in may 2006.The old room wasnt even swept for a long time,when we walked in there.Cockroaches were running all around.And the Lady was so stern and unsmiling ,we didnt even want to ask her for anything else.Man,we got stale breads for breakfast....We too checked out earlier than planned,but cdnt get any money back from her!! Oh..horrible experience!

DG said...

It was a very unpleasant experience at Chiiligeri estate. Reasons are as follows :
1.untidy rooms & restrooms
2.Rooms without fans
3.Power is not there at most of thetime and the hostess willingly does not switch on the inverter
4.Highly charged
5.Most uncooperative , snobbish & indifferent hostess