Friday, July 11, 2008

Waynad (Kuruva, Tirunelli)

Story continued from Trip to Nagarahole - Coorg -> Drive into Nagarahole -> Chilligeri Estate -> Irpu, The Falls

Next Day Morning:

As I told you we had decided to check out the next day morning. With lot of reluctance, Land Lady agreed. We packed everything early in the morning at around 8 AM. There was another couple arrived that morning from Bangalore. They had reached Chilligeri through bus. The fact amused me was, they did not know it would be raining so much and did not even had umbrellas for them. They thought it was very near to Madikeri. Then in the bus someone told to get down and catch another bus towards Kutta and Manchally it seems. They arrived at around 4AM in the morning.

New Recipe:

Morning break fast was comprised of Bread-Butter-Jam which both usually don't like. There was another choice for us, which was looking like Chapathis, but tasked like Rotti. I asked the made what is that called, "Rotti Akki" she told. Which was funny any way. I then asked Land Lady about the recipe she told the procedures.

The procedure: Cook rice, mix it with rice flour similar to Chapathi dough. Then using pappad maker flatten it and cook on "tava". We want to try it, not yet done anyway.

Crossing the borders:

Moving out of Chilligeri, we drove south towards Waynad forest area. We saw Karnataka-Kerala border in juts 2 KM. Crossed borders and entered Kerala. The roads improved immediately. The inside-forest drive of Waynad was as good as that of Nagarahole. But did not see much animals.

Tirunelli Temple:

After around 10 KM we got a merger from right, from Tirunelli. Turned right and drove another 8KM curved roads towards the temple. It is Lord Vishnu's who is the standing posture. Looks beautiful. You need to climb around 50-60 steps. The temple was under renovation. We also donated some amount for the same. The scenic beauty with misty mountains was really astonishing. You can enjoy the same in the video below

The Un-Visited Kuruwa:

As I told you we had visited Waynad from IBM in 2005-Aug. I need to blog another successful love story of this trip. But the point is we did not visit Kuruwa in that trip. I was hoping at least I can visit it in this trip. Kuruwa is around 23 KM from Tirunelly. You should actually travel back to the same junction you reached while coming from Waynad Forest. After around 20 KM you get a small deviation towards your right which leads towards Kuruwa. The the more adventurous drive started. The road was bad, unmanned more over there was a tree fallen on the road. I had to somehow cross it and reach the ferry pick up point. But alas, deu to rains, we could not cross the river and only could go near river and ferry pick-up point and see Kuruwa from far. :-(

Move on to Madikeri:

After viewing Kuruwa from far, we started directly towards Madikeri. We had to rewind back the whole road trace till Kutta and move towards Gonikoppa-Virajapet and reach Madikeri. By the time we reached it was around 4 PM. We had not yet had Lunch. The total drive was almost 100KM.

The Video:

Story Board:

Drive into Nagarahole -> Chilligeri Estate ->Irpu Falls -> Waynad (Kuruva, Tirunelli) -> Talakaveri -> Madikeri/Kushalanagar


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