Wednesday, March 10, 2004

My Travels

All posts related to my travel

Trip to Ooty - (05-Oct-07 to 07-Oct-07)

Trip to Rayadurg for Sri's engagement (Aug 14th and 15th 2007)

IBM Trip to Kemmannugundi - Apr 2007

Trip to Kanyakumari and Kadaltheeram - Myself and Thimmi - 9-Feb-07 to 13-Feb-07

Kadaltheeram Beach Resort
Kanyakumari and Shuchindram

Trip to Goa - from 30th Sep to 3rd Oct Post 1 Post 2

MS, Srinand, Pallu, Timmi and I went to Meke Dhatu and Sangama on 29 Apr 2006

Bush Betta (Bandipur Forest) - Trip with Siemens Crew

Hassan - Hariharapura --> Coming Soon

Ghati Subramanya - Nandi Hills.. -- First trip in my car

Trip to Himavat Gopalaswamy Hill

Sowmya amma and myself to Srirangapattana
Tula Snana

Sowmya and myself with her parents Sunil and Tuffy to Kodai
Kodai Trip

IBM Folks and few more others had been to Waynad 27th, 28th Aug 2005

Whole Family trip on Aug 14th 2005, GRS Fantassy Park, Mysore
GRS Fantassy Park

Honeymoon to trip to God's own Coutry..
Day 1,2
Day 3,4,5

Trip to Gosai Ghat, Sriranga Pattana, With RSS Friends
Gosai Ghat

Been to Syracuse with Manoj's Family on 9th July 06
Been to Corning's Glass Museum with Manoj's Family on 29th May 2006

Day 1
Day 2

Trip details as sent to Amma

New York
Trip details as sent to Amma

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